Donation Challenge, 5/22/2020

One of our repeater users has made the following challenge:

“I am challenging everyone to donate to the IRA for the projects that need to be completed this year. I will MATCH 30% of every donation made to the IRA through July 15th, 2020 up to $300 dollars of my own money. If you are on the edge of making a donation, maybe this will help you decide, knowing your donation is being “upped” by 30% via a matching contribution from one of our users”

You can donate using the PayPal link on our main page, or by check to:

Independent Repeater Assoc., Inc.
PO Box 8122
Kentwood, MI

Thank you for the following donations which apply to this challenge:

  • Stefeno Lassini
  • Greg Conlon
  • Don Hoover
  • Joseph Januszka
  • Richard Tripp
  • Loren Curtis
  • Rick Fyan
  • Rick Dykstra
  • James Libey
  • David Wilcox
  • Steven Schimke
  • Gabriel Nielson
  • Darrel Mortensen
  • Kenneth Gocha
  • Christopher Blunt

Total to date: $470.00

We would also like to thank the following for donations prior to this challenge: (sorry for any mis-spellings)

  • Dave DeWinter
  • Don Hoover
  • Robert Striebel
  • Charlie Hough
  • David Cannon
  • Christopher Blunt
  • Rick Dykstra
  • Andrew Pollina
  • David DeVoss