Big Rapids Tower Project – Fundraiser Status

Total cost of Project:                      $4209.62

Current Donation Total:                  $2222.95

Remaining funds required:             $1986.67

The IRA appreciates the donations to this project from the following individuals:

William Billings
Thomas Wilson
Get out of the Cabin 50/50
David Held
Monte MacFarlane
John Winn
Tony Bell
Wayne West
Rick Fyan
Tom Behler
Thomas OKeefe
Charles Hough
Jim McIntosh
Todd McIntosh
Joseph Januszka
Mike Holcomb
Edward Schweifler
Keith Mavin
Joe Bell
William Hagerty
Robert Zapolnik
Marylu Dykstra
Robert Zapolnik
Richard Tripp
Mike Smith
Rick Dykstra
Chuck Nowak
Richard Corey
Tom Werkema