Nets on the IRA link system

IRA Michigan Noon Time Roundup Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 noon Contact: tombehler at gmail dot com

Michigan VHF Traffic Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM Contact: k8rdn73 at gmail dot com

IRA After Work/Dinner Net: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00 PM Contact: ke8ikt at outlook dot com

Insomniac Net: Friday morning at 3:00 AM Contact: scubabishop at yahoo dot com

Tuesday at 12:00 noon Amateur Radio News Line

Thursday at 12:00 noon ARRL News

Download W8IRA Nets PDF

Parrot mode will be enabled for 5 minutes following Amateur Radio News Line and ARRL news on the IRA repeater system. This will allow users to check your signal and audio level.