The IRA Hamfest at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds scheduled for June 6, 2020 has been canceled.

 Supporters of the IRA,

Over the past few weeks the IRA Board has been challenged, as have you all, with the COVID-19 virus our World is facing.  It is with great regret that our Hamfest for 2020 has to be canceled.  Many factors went into the decision from the unpredictable nature of our Governor's Executive orders to concerns by the Fairgrounds Board but also the very real impact this virus is having on some of our neighbors, friends and family.  The opportunity to meet new friends and to visit with livelong friends will be missed by everyone.  Keep checking into our Web Site and Facebook Page for future activities we hope to schedule as circumstances allow.  In the interim I would like to challenge everyone to consider doing these three things.  Make an on air schedule with your friends.  Check into one of the many Nets the IRA has scheduled.  There are online 
opportunities to study for and pass that General or Extra Class Ticket.  Thank you for your friendship and support.

73, de KA8YSM
Tom Werkema
President, Independent Repeater Association

Link Status

6/4/2020: The Big Rapids link transmitter sending to Grand Rapids is down. Anyone on the northern links will not be able to transmit into the system. 

See the link status page for information on all sites.

Thank you to all of you who continue to donate to support the link system.

If you use the link repeater system, please consider donating to help cover expenses. In addition to our operating expenses, we had to relocate our Big Rapids site. Using the Pay Pal link below, you can make a tax deductible single or monthly donation that helps to ensure the future the the IRA repeater system.

DONATION CHALLENGE: One of our repeater users has issued a donation challenge. “I am challenging everyone to donate to the IRA for the projects that need to be completed this year. I will MATCH 30% of every donation made to the IRA through July 15th, 2020 up to $300 dollars of my own money. If you are on the edge of making a donation, maybe this will help you decide, knowing your donation is being “upped” by 30% via a matching contribution from one of our users”. Donations can be made using the PayPal link below, or sending checks to our PO Box address.

NETS on the IRA Link System

 IRA Michigan Noon Time Roundup Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 noon

Michigan VHF Traffic Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM

 WMNI SATERN 2M Net: Wednesday 7:00 PM (second half digital using FLDIGI/NBEMS, mode MT63 2000L and FLMSG/FLAMP)

IRA After Work/Dinner Net: Tuesday and Saturday at 6:00 PM

 Insomniac Net: Wednesday morning at 3:00 AM.

Tuesday at 12:00 noon Amateur Radio News Line

Thursday at 12:00 noon ARRL News

NEW! Parrot mode will be enabled for 5 minutes following Amateur Radio News Line and ARRL news on the IRA repeater system. This will allow users to check your signal and audio level.

Internet Links

Echolink on W8IRA system – search for W8IRA-R

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System Facebook page

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System live audio

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System email list server

W8IRA Allstar node is 472440