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**This move is currently on hold.**  The Big Rapids repeater site will be relocating to a new tower.   All links north of Big Rapids, including Ludington, will be down during this transition. Donations are requested to help finance this major move involving 7 antennas, hardline, and associated radio equipment.

Link Status

See the link status page for information on all sites.  The following issues are currently being worked on:

Battle Creek link transmitter problem .

If you use the link repeater system, please consider donating to help cover expenses. We need a tower climb to move our Big Rapids equipment. Using the Pay Pal link below, you can make a small tax deductible monthly donation that helps to ensure the future the the IRA repeater system.

NETS on the IRA Link System

 IRA Michigan Noon Time Roundup Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 noon

Michigan VHF Traffic Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM

 WMNI SATERN 2M Net: Wednesday 7:00 PM (second half digital using FLDIGI/NBEMS, mode MT63 2000L and FLMSG/FLAMP)

IRA After Work/Dinner Net: Tuesday and Saturday at 6:00 PM


Internet Links

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System Facebook page

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System live audio

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System email list server