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Link Status

10/29/2018:  The Grand Rapids site is operational. All damage from the lightning strike has been corrected.

11/2/2018: The Jackson site is back up, tower climb completed.

Mt. Pleasant down, requires tower climb at Big Rapids. Planned before end of year.

Lansing remote receiver requires Jackson to be up.

Kalamazoo remote receiver requires tower climb.

Battle Creek audio problem. Visited site 11/2/2018, problem identified and board has been pulled for repair.

If you use the link repeater system, please consider donating to help cover expenses. We need two tower climbs this summer to restore the Jackson and Mt Pleasant locations, which are currently  unfunded. Using the Pay Pal link below, you can make a small tax deductible monthly donation that helps to ensure the future the the IRA repeater system.

NETS on the IRA Link System

 IRA Michigan Noon Time Roundup Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 noon

Michigan VHF Traffic Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM

 WMNI SATERN 2M Net: Wednesday 7:00 PM (second half digital using FLDIGI/NBEMS, mode MT63 2000L and FLMSG/FLAMP)

IRA After Work/Dinner Net: Tuesday and Saturday at 6:00 PM


Internet Links

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System Facebook page

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System live audio

The W8IRA Linked Repeater System email list server