Nets on the IRA link system

IRA Michigan Noon Time Roundup Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 noon Contact: tombehler at gmail dot com

IRA After School Net: Monday, 5:30PM.

This net is primarily geared toward students, ranging from elementary to college-level, and will be oriented toward topics of interest to them.
Both licensed and non-licensed hams are welcome.  In order to  meet FCC legal requirements, any non-ham should check in as a “third party” check-in, and should use the call sign of the ham who is assisting them.  Hams in other age groups will also have an opportunity to check in toward the end of the net.

Michigan VHF Traffic Net: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM Contact: k8rdn73 at gmail dot com

Insomniac Net: Wednesday morning at 3:00 AM Contact: scubabishop at yahoo dot com

Tuesday at 12:00 noon Amateur Radio News Line

Thursday at 12:00 noon ARRL News

Download W8IRA Nets PDF

Parrot mode will be enabled for 5 minutes following Amateur Radio News Line and ARRL news on the IRA repeater system. This will allow users to check your signal and audio level.

The IRA Repeater System net requirements