Requirements for Nets on the IRA Repeater System

If you are interested in joining our team as a Net Manager or Net Control on one of the nets held on the IRA linked system, please contact the Net Director, Tom Behler, at


All nets on the IRA Link System must be approved by the IRA Board of Directors before net operations begin.

Every net must have a Net Manager who is nominated by the Net Director and approved by the IRA Board of Directors.

The duties of the Net Director are as follows:

  • Be a member of the IRA Board of Directors and act as a liaison between the Net Participants and the IRA Board of Directors.
  • Oversee all net operations, nominate Net Managers and approve Net Controllers.
  • Oversee the gathering of data and submitting that data to the IRA Board of Directors and the ARRL.

The duties of the Net Manager are as follows:

  • Make the approved net script available to all Net Controllers.
  • Appoint Net Controllers in advance for each net session. (If the scheduled net controller is not available the Net Manager has the option to take over the net or cancel the net if necessary.)
  • Ensure that the Net Director receives net reports for each net session in a timely manner.
  • Provide the Net Director with a monthly net summary report, giving the total number of check-ins for the month and a total number of hours/minutes the system was used for that month’s nets. (This summary information is reported to the IRA Board of Directors and is also used in preparing our monthly service-hour reporting to the ARRL).

The duties of Net Controllers are as follows:

  • Make certain the Net Manager and Net Director receive a report documenting net activity. This report shall include:
    • The date of the net.
    • The net beginning and end time.
    • A list of all net check-ins. (Including the call sign, name, and location for each check-in).
    • The total number of participants.
    • The topic for the net.
    • Any announcements mentioned on the net (Optional)

  • Run the net according to FCC legal requirements and in a manner that reflects good overall amateur radio practice.
  • Maintain control over the net participants. Redirect the topic if necessary. End the net if felt to be appropriate.


Net participants will conduct their transmissions according to FCC legal requirements, and in a manner that reflects good overall amateur radio practice.
Net participants will adhere to any requirements that are outlined by the Net Controller.
Net participants should refrain from commenting on controversial topics (e.g. sex, politics, and religion).
Net participants will refrain from demeaning any individual or organization during their transmissions and at all times use family friendly language.
While rechecks or additional comments are encouraged, net participants should refrain from doing them multiple times. It is up to the net controller to decide how additional rechecks and comments will be handled.