Classified Ads

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5/18/21KR8TKenwood TM-D700Dual band mobile with internal Packet TNC, Sky Command II, remote head$
5/12/2021KR8TYeasu FT-757GX and FC-757ATHF all mode radio with matching external automatic antenna tuner. 100 watts on all bands except 80 meters, which is 85 watts$
5/12/2021KR8TKenwood TR-91302 meter FM/SSB mobile, with 94.8 Hz encoder, MC-46 mic and power cord, no mobile mount$
5/1/2021KB5LBOAPC UPS450VA Smart-UPS SC, 120V-1U Rackmount/Tower Sine Wave, Uninterruptible Power Supply$
4/24/2021KR8TKDK FM-2402 meter mobile with speaker/mic, no mounting bracket. Mic PTT needs to be cleaned$35
3/20/21KR8TKenwood TS-2000SHF/VHF/UHF All mode Transceiver with hand mic$
1/27/2021KR8TAntenna AnalyzersAutek Research RF Analyst model RF-1 and VHF Analyst model RF-5. (Price is for both)
1/27/2021K8MHElecraft K1CW QRP radio
20m/40m and 15m/30m boards
1/27/2021K8MHKent Morse KeyDual paddle$
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